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Prestige Beadcrete


Prestige Beadcrete / Glass Beads looks remarkable under both natural and artificial lights. Prestige Beadcrete provides a superior color range including custom colors. The results are stunning. The surface has a 3D Dimensional effect. Available in a range of designer colors, this remarkable finish enhances the visual effect contemporary architecture demands.

Smooth, colorful and durable for new pools and renovating old concrete pools, spas, fountains & water features, etc.

Prestige Beadcrete a Natural Choice

 Does justice to your designs -- a quality, classic finish that compliments today's outstanding pool designs and designer landscape architecture.

Flows with the shape of your pool, finished smooth and flat by steel toweling.Experience the added dimension -- refracting light dancing beneath the water's shimmering surface brings the pool "to life"

Easy on the skin -- smooth, non-slip, luxurious texture and "feel" &..No Band-Aids or socks required!

Product Overview

 This stunning polymer based cement mixed with quartz or glass beads is applied and finished in a similar way to exposed aggregate, yet it is much finer, and hence, much smoother. Prestige  Beadcrete  has many advantages over its predecessors in terms of appearance, texture, lower porosity and durability. Excellent adhesion, cohesion and low permeability are achieved. 

Prestige Beadcrete Applications

Reinforced fiberglass composite and concrete swimming pool finish & Renovation. Ideal for spas, decorative ponds, water features, feature walls, etc. Prestige Beadcrete  will bond to any prepared, solid, masonry finish
eg: render, concrete, fibro, a/c sheet.Prestige Beadcrete  can be poured into a mould, set, removed and exposed to make:
statues, bird baths, tiles, blocks, pavers etc.

Reflective Brilliance

 Prestige  glass bead is the newest line of premium specialty aggregates. This versatile colored glass product is available in clear and iridescent irregular shaped beads and can be used in swimming pool finishes, floors, countertops, and other specialty decorative structures to create an enhanced shimmer. Our glass bead allows for a reflective brilliance, silky smooth texture, and light transparency all in one material. 

Our glass bead products come in 1-3mm and 2-4mm with an array of radiant colors. 

Prestige Beadcrete Advantages

THE most beautiful and durable natural looking  swimming pools and infinity pool. Can be also done on fiberglass pools . Vibrantly colourful, dazzling sparkle, and luxuriously smooth. Low maintenance required of the pool owner.Huge colour possibilities to match any colour scheme or landscape design.

Smooth and luxurious glass pool finishes. Brilliant sparkling effects both day and night.

  • A HIGH END product at a mid range price - VERY COST EFFECTIVE!
  • Did we mention - IT WON'T FADE!!

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