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  Perfect  composite deck category with a lineup of low-maintenance, high-performance, eco-friendly products that fundamentally change the way we live outdoors. It's no wonder so many happy deck owners consider Prestige the best decking material. 

Prestige Pool & Terrace PVC Wood Deck


 Our range of composite terrace decking boards have been designed to enhance any outdoor space. The qualities of timber are combined with the durability of composites to create decking boards which are the perfect low maintenance option for any terrace project. swimming pools pool deck composite decking

Prestige Highest PVC Wood Quality


Prestige roof terrace decking is safe underfoot, even without shoes or socks on. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality using recycled hardwood and polyethylene resin and are installed using concealed fixings. . 

Prestige Natural PVC Wood Deck


Based on various market research, Prestige has concluded the most popular colors of top 6, and they belong to cedar, red pine,red wood, gray,blue gray and coffee. Besides, Prestige  R&D experts have developed brand new art color, which can satisfy the personal requirements.

Prestige Surface Selection 2019


Prestige  composite decking looks and feels just like natural wood, but provides a longer-lasting solution that is environmentally friendly, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. 

Prestige Surface Selection 2019


There are different kinds of surface treatments for Prestige production, including groove,sanding,embossing,3D embossing.