Prestige Whirlpool Bathtubs & Hot Tub Jacuzzi Spas.

Prestige Hot Tubs


Prestige hot tubs are the most complete and versatile synthesis of well being. Our exclusive lines offer a vast choice based on the space available, on the type of use and on your aesthetic requirements. Prestige whirlpool bathtub and  hot tub jacuzzi spa are ISO 9001.

Italian Design


 A line that is the ideal meeting place for the most advanced wellness technologies and the latest contemporary design trends. Sharing, reliability and refined details: a professional hydro massage, plentiful features and functions.

Hot Tubs


 A range of hot tubs exclusively designed for use in hotels and resorts. Every product with the Experience collection has been designed for intensive use and to create a beautiful and elegant sight in any shared wellness area.


Prestige Hydrotherapy


 Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for soothing an aching body or speeding the recovery of other muscular ailments. It combines water with air and heat to promote wellbeing.  

What is Wellbeing


 Wellbeing results from a lifestyle which includes various elements, of which the fol­lowing are fundamental: serenity of mind, correct nutrition, adequate physical activity. Water also enters into this picture. Indeed, its primary application (drink and hygiene) is not the only one, but it is also used for spa treatments, hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy.  



 You can use Prestige Hydromassage as part of your fitness program. Helping you to relax the body after exercise and repair itself to prepare for the following day. Nobody likes to wake up the day after exercising feeling stiff and sore, and you don’t have to when you use Prestige  Hydromassage.